Access to Superfast and Take up levels

We are reaching the end of our superb community project – we have seen over 70% of residents in the area apply for an upgrade with their ISP and get connected to Superfast broadband.  Most are seeing speeds at or above those predicted.   We will be bringing the project to a close soon, and in time, closing the company that was formed to administer the finances and contract.

We are the first gap-funded community project in Surrey. It has been a long 3 years, that has required tenacity, psychology, and a big persuasive stick.  We were helped by some innovative technical thinking from Openreach, and hindered by some predictable corporate obstructions. But we got there. Enjoy.


To put our project in context, 100% of the households in our project on 01483 numbers can now get access to superfast speeds above 20Mbps. The average speed is 44Mbps.   Contrast that with our neighbours in Hambledon Parish on 01428 numbers where the coverage, even after Surrey Superfast upgrades, is between 47% and 63% of households – nowhere near the target of 99% set by Surrey.  Even if you extend the survey to all 6000 homes in GU8 villages the coverage is just 77% can get Superfast.  The reason for disparity between our figures and Surrey County Councils is that they define “having access to Superfast as:  the number of “Homes Passed” is the potential number of premises to which an operator has capability to connect in a service area, but the premises may or may not be connected to the network.  In other words if you are connected to a fibre cabinet you are counted as getting Superfast.  Our hamlet previously satisfied that definition – so how come we had to pay many thousands of pounds to Openreach to get Superfast to our homes?

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