Project Complete – 75% take up level

Our rural broadband project is complete. The number of residents left to upgrade with their ISP is quite low now.  Most upgrades have now been completed and we have a very high take-up rate.   So I think it is fairly safe to say the project is now complete.     76% take-up rate is a notable achievement – in comparison the takeup rate for Superfast Surrey Intervention Areas is around 40%.

We also have had the good news that HMRC have now judged that VAT was not applicable to our contribution to Openreach – and that part of our Community Group payment has been refunded.

So after a lot of preparatory research, a great community effort to fundraise, and 16 months after signing contracts, we have brought Superfast FTTC broadband to all homes served by the new cabinets in Hydestile, Hydon Heath and Feathercombe.

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