Project XY – in images

GU8 Logo smallThis month the GU8 Superfast Community Project Team are presenting to small groups of residents in each of the clusters of Feathercombe, Hydon Heath, New Road, Salt Lane, Hydestile crossroads and Hambledon Road. We plan to outline the results of our research, the options that are available to us, the scheme that Openreach are proposing, and the justification for embarking on a project to get Superfast to our area.   We hope to present to over 120 residents by the end of January.

Our GU8 Superfast Project is now fully formed.  Here is an overview of how a plan to bypass the copper lines and bring fibre closer to as many  homes as possible.Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.45.26

Project XY:   The plan is to bring the Openreach fibre infrastructure closer to the residents served by the distant cabinets 26 and 48.  This is achieved by installing a new fibre cable from BT’s major fibre supply in Busbridge. This will be fed down existing duct to a new Cabinet Y in Hydon Heath. From there it connects into the existing copper infrastructure (blue) serving the Cab 48 residents.

Additionally that new fibre cable will be extended West by overhead pole and existing duct along Salt Lane to the  Hydestile crossroads serving a new cabinet X.  That will be tied into the existing copper infrastructure (red).  This will reduce the amount of copper between homes and exchange by 2.5km – meaning improvements in speed from the current 0.5Mbps-10Mbps raised to between 20Mbps – 75Mbps depending on how close a home is to the new cabinets X and Y.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.46.01

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