How to check your line speed

When dealing with Openreach, your internet provider (ISP) or getting information to mount a campaign, information is key.   Having accurate measure of your line and service will give you more power to fight against a complacent Openreach - especially if inadequacies in the lines is shown to be widespread amongst neighbours.

You will need to know:

Your address and postcode

Your ISP (TalkTalk, BT, EE etc)

The Cabinet you are connected to. (openreach line checker will tell you, see below)

The service you are currently on: ADSL (old slow service) or VDSL (Superfast, BT Infinity or equivalent)

The speed of your service in Mbps Down (Measure with a speedtester - see below)

For advice on ensuring your home network is working well:

There are a few ways to check the speed you can get at the moment. There are also ways to check if your line will support fibre services in the short term - until 2016. Once our Project XY is complete the speeds will be changed radically for those included in the scheme. We will notify each resident of the new speeds they could get at that time.

Speed Tester

This site will check your current speed, in Mbps Download and Upload. Don't be confused with the marketing speak you'll see in adverts that often mentions "upto 80Mbps" This is generally ambiguous and depends on your distance from the exchange, and so can be ignored. These two checkers are a more realistic estimate of your speeds.

Openreach Line Checker

The second is the official BT Openreach Availability checker - this is for BT customers only. This measures what your line will support currently. - it will NOT indicate what your speeds will be when the Project XY scheme is complete, as that scheme is using totally new cabinets and routes to your home.
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