Survey November 2015

In advance of our GU8 project going live it will be beneficial to have some comparative statistics to gauge how well our respective connections performed.  If everyone completes the survey we can see who’s connection performs poorly in relation to their neighbours and that will aid us troubleshooting issues should there be any problems once we connect to the new BT fibre network. So if you are on cabinet 26 or 48 and have contributed to the GU8 Superfast Project then please fill in the details… it’ll include a speed test  (or see link button in the right hand margin ).

Secondly we need accurate data so we can lobby Surrey County Council during their forthcoming Open Market Review (OMR) – their assessment of residents that do not get above 15Mbps….  that’s us! and so we should be counted – this data will help our cause.

Please complete as best you can and remember to scroll to click Submit at the end.

Note: Hambledon village have a separate survey as they are only in the very early stages of a campaign to get the outlying residents served with superfast.

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