Survey Results

We had 71 residents complete the survey.   The speed data has been added to the historical data on every line in our Project area.  We can now see the changes in speed recorded over 2 years, the spread of ISPs over our 120 residences, and the proportion of people who have experienced technical issues or seen reduced quality of their broadband service.

In summary:

ISPs – BT: 42%    Sky:  12%    TalkTalk: 10%   Plusnet (BT): 5%

Worst speed in our area: 0.17Mbps in Hydestile

41% of homes have had a broadband fault in last 12 months

20% of homes have had a line fault in last 12 months

63% have seen significant reduced average speeds over the last 12 months

27% of homes have had an engineer call out in last 12 months

24% of homes have experienced browser “page stalling”

Some of the home network information gathered will be very useful when we go live with the fibre upgrades.

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