The early stages of the campaign – in 4 minutes

There were times when our ambition to get decent broadband looked doomed – with every option closed off to us.  Each video, discovered on YouTube, seems to sum up the frustration very well.

After a long campaign, the residents are reviewing the progress:

The truth behind video 1:

  • BT Openreach stated: “cabinet 26 will be upgraded May 2013
  • Lucie Glenday, Chief Digital Officer for Surrey County Council quote: “99.7% of Surrey residents will be able to get Superfast by December 2014
  • Neither of those statements were correct.
  • 3G and 4G are not viable alternatives to home broadband.
  • Surrey CC stated: “we are working with our provider partners to develop alternative technologies for those residents unable to access Superfast” –  No viable alternatives were proposed.
  • BT were unable to fix widespread network faults reported by residents on 2 different cabinets.

and the sequel! The residents discover exactly what 100% means:

The truth behind video 2:

  • Surrey County Council’s statement: “99.7% of Surrey residents will be able to get Superfast” is misrepreseantation. If you are too far from a cabinet for Superfast you are still counted as being in that 99.7% because your cabinet is enabled even though you are not.
  • The 2km limit of Superfast is not mentioned in Surrey County Council publicity.

and the 3rd chapter in the story. A solution is found and Superfast seems ever closer:

The truth behind video 3:

  • Throughout Surrey there are residents groups forming to pay for infill Superfast coverage where they have been left out by Openreach and the Country Council.  Residents are having to pay substantial sums for the Openreach infrastructure to be extended to include homes beyond the 2km limit.
  • Openreach took 5 months to come up with a price for extending their network to serve our outlying community.
  • Openreach would not breakdown their costings to justify the price.
  • Openreach are dealing with over 70 privately funded projects throughout the UK but have under allocated resources to deal with them.
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