Cabinet 28 installation today

The new cabinet No. 28 is being placed on a concrete plinth today!   You may have noticed quite a few deep holes dug on the green – there has been some extensive digging at the crossroads over the weekend.    This is necessary to install ducting for the new fibre and copper to connect the cabinet to the existing manhole near the finger-signpost, and more disruptively, to allow connection to the nearby low-voltage power cable (that currently serves street lights).  There is a story behind this, and it explains why so many holes are now, temporarily, in our green.  Hydestiles-crossroadsBefore the 1990’s the green was the roadway and the crossroads was a dog leg junction that was an accident blackspot. Salt Lane was realigned in the early 90’s by the developers of the old KGV hospital (see the 1950’s postcard that reveals the bargate stone wall that was across the current green and roadway)  but the legacy is that all gas mains, drains and a high voltage power cable that serves Hydestile are still to be found 4 foot under the green.  Openreach contractors have been digging very hard, in miserable weather to expose these cables to allow the electricity company to connect up the cabinet to power.

Once the cabinet is in position, the contractors will move on to the Hydon Heath cabinet 21. Concurrently the wiring up of the cabinet 28 will be done. The green will be re-instated once all works are complete and the cabinet is “live”.


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  1. WetherbyPond says:

    Hi Walter, Thanks for your comments. very interesting. To respond to some of your points:
    Yes, I am sure the Wholesale estimators have other data, and the results are manipulated for marketing/operational benefits.

    As for porting the lines across – I have supplied a list to Openreach of all those included in the scheme. I am anticipating some errors in Openreach’s data.

    Regarding advice on home networks, yes you make some very useful points there. There is a balance to be made -many residents will not be confident troubleshooting into the master socket (especially as it is BT property). To that end we will be publishing “how to guides” soon. We have also recruited an ex-BT engineer to provide professional tech support on site.

    The DLM “lock in” might be a challenge.

    We are working with Openreach on a phased roll out to enable us to monitor the speeds achieved on known “solid” home networks as a test bed.

    Stay tuned for updates when we go live.

    Paul Osborne

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