Update February 13th

Openreach and their contractors have been working hard this week in Home Farm Road, Busbridge, at the Crossroads and at Hydon Heath. We have also seen a “little” bit of tree lopping to prepare for the fibre to be pulled up onto the poles along Salt Lane.  You’ll see a blue rope denoting where the fibre will hang.    Openreach assure us the Ready for Service date is still last day of February.  However there have been slippages in their schedule – some unavoidable.  They tell us that this will not impact on the deadline.   Your GU8 Superfast team have been ramping up the “supervision” of Openreach and keeping their “feet to the fire” – I think their toes are curling a bit now and steam now visible coming from their socks.

Technically there have been some challenges in Hambledon Road and an underground duct will need replacing – we are told there will be roadworks next week, and a possibility of emergency road closure of Hambledon Road (north of Clockbarn Lane).  This is because of the very narrow parts of Hambledon Road which prevent safe working.  The closure will be short notice and hopefully for a short time.   We have leveraged our good relationship with Surrey CC Highways to expedite matters and have been negotiating to reduce the inconvenience but safety trumps most arguments.  So please be understanding if you should encounter a Road Closed sign – it will be for a very valid reason.

The cabinets will soon be connected to the existing copper network that links our homes. As men tinker in manholes we are told you may experience some line noise when making calls – and possibly intermittent internet service – (yes, I’m not sure how we will know the difference).

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