Update February 24th – close to the wire

With only a week to go until the installation deadline Openreach are leaving it to the very last second to complete the works.  If I were a betting man I’d put money on them missing the deadline.   There is a lot to do including:

Blowing fibre down the (now unblocked) ducts from Home Farm Road via Hambledon Road and Clockbarn Lane to Hydon Heath. Scheduled for the 24th

Installing the aerial fibre from poles along Salt Lane. Scheduled for the 25th

Installing two new poles in Salt Lane and running fibre to them.  (29th)

Installing a concrete plinth at Hydon Heath, and the new cabinet on top, with power routed from nearby (26th).

Connecting all the copper to the crossroads cabinet 28 and junction boxes. (underway currently)

Connecting all the copper to the Hydon Heath cabinet 21 and junction boxes.

We have been pushing hard for them to have a “joined up” approach to their installation works but apart from us setting up a camp bed and living in the back of their Openreach van we have done as much as we can to avoid the slippages. It may be that one cabinet will be on the Openreach Network slightly ahead of the other.  We will keep you posted on the latest schedule as we are informed.

Edit: 24th pm – Openreach tell us that they will indeed slip a bit on the connecting up of the crossroads cabinet – and the Hydon Heath cabinet is running a few days behind.


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