Contribution target achieved

February 2015

It has been a very busy few weeks for the GU8 Superfast project.  Most of the contributions from residents are in and the level of support is a fantastic demonstration of community spirit at its best.

The current situation is that there has been overwhelming support for the project with a very high number of people ‘digging deep’ to contribute. We are tracking well with the level of contributions needed to raise the funds and are confident we will not need a second round of fundraising.

It is confirmed that we will be the first BT Surrey Gap Community Superfast Project. This is excellent, as publicity can be both good and not so good, so BT know they really need to deliver to our community. As we suspected, BT have several hundred similar projects competing for the limited resources available to implement rural solutions and the completion time for our project is now at the latest end March 2015. This confirms our sense of urgency to get in the stack of BT projects. We have already been  asked to help Plaistow and will do this – once our contract is signed.

The very good news is we have finally achieved a price reduction. This was a huge battle with pressure from the highest level and took a while to deliver. We are now happy we have done all we can on the price and want the contract signed in the next few weeks.

The finishing sprint
– we are expecting the final contract from BT this week. It is valid for 30 days.
– we need to convert a few outstanding pledges to money in the account.
– we are very aware that we need involve the WHOLE community and so there are a few outlying houses we are still presenting to. We may be a community who is mentally ‘as one’ on this project but physically we are pretty spread out!

So, living the dream – life in GU8 with superfast is tantalising close. One final push and we will be across the finishing line of round one.

Best wishes,

Howard, Paul , Debbie and Julie


Howard and Julie on one of our early research trips

Howard and Julie on one of our early research trips

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