Deadline day – 1st March

1st March was the day that Openreach were contracted to have our installations complete and the cabinets Ready For Service (RFS).   They have missed the deadline, and whilst 80% of the work is complete I estimate they are going to be a week or two late in getting the cabinets humming and ready to go onto their network.   The GU8 Team have a conference call booked for this afternoon (Tuesday) with the Openreach and BT Group managers to get a status update.

In the meantime our own plans are on track with a meeting of the Pioneer residents planned. This will enable us to brief and prepare for the first phase of upgrades to fibre services  and to get Superfast into each of our respective communities as quickly as possible without teething problems.
We will be maintaining the pressure on Openreach to complete – not least because we have invited Bill Murphy, MD of BT Next Generation Access  to our launch event soon… and it will be a little embarrassing if he can’t have superfast for the live web streaming of the event!  Tweet that Bill.

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