Update 11th March

Last night we had a meeting of the resident Pioneers to talk through the process of testing their connections prior to them being able to contact their ISPs to try and upgrade to fibre – when the time comes.

We heard a success story from Dan M. in New Road – he had taken up the offer of a Master Socket Health check, and Adrian Ball from BroadbandFix.co.uk spent a while replacing Dan’s old master socket and clearing out some poorly installed extension cables going through joint boxes in the loft. The result was a speed uplift of his old ADSL connection from 1.3Mbps to 2.8Mbps – that makes Dan’s the fastest in New Road now.   Dan’s quote to me was: “I wish I’d done this three years ago!”  This will mean Dan is fully prepared for when we all come to upgrade to the new fibre service… eventually.  That leads us on to a progress update.  Since the last update we have been working with Openreach on the detail of a technical challenge they are facing at the Hydon Heath cabinet- we hope to have news of the optimum solution and timescale by Tuesday next week.  We are told the cabinet at the crossroads is nearly ready and we hope that next week Openreach can give us their updated schedule on when we can start the Pioneers process. Updates to follow.

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