Who has the best ADSL in New Road?

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.02.06Yesterday’s post about Dan’s efforts to improve his current broadband speed has seen an even better response from Pete G. in New Road.  He too had Adrian around to check out his master socket – the result is a significant uplift ADSL speed of 3.1Mbps…. so now Pete has the fastest speed in New Road (and Pete is nearly the longest line in New Road)  This will probably mean he’ll have the best fibre speeds too when it’s time to upgrade.   So can anyone else do better than Pete?

Update: Kevin F. in Hambledon Road has reported his socket was replaced and doubled his speed to 2.2Mbps.

In Salt Lane Robert C. had Sky send an engineer for a long standing issue of only 0.4Mbps – after removing extensions and swapping the socket, he has now quadrupled his speed to 1.6Mbps.

May I re-emphasise my message that it will be much easier to optimise your broadband  before we migrate to fibre services* – so a little attention to your socket and cabling will pay dividends later on… as these stories have shown.

*   when you start a new fibre service the Openreach DLM technology spends the first 10 days optimising your speed to match the line and internal sockets capability – it then “bakes in” that setting at the exchange.  If you should then improve your home network it will then be difficult to change the exchange settings to benefit from any hardware improvements you will have made.

As a guide, I have mapped the latest speeds that were provided via the survey.  Please take a pinch of salt with these as they may be less accurate if the test was on wireless, or not with extensions disconnected. However they may give you an idea if you are comparatively underperforming with neighbours and be a good candidate for a socket health check.  Note: the further from the cabinet you are, the lower the speed. If you find this mapping useful I can do the same for the other community areas. (Maps now here)Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.43.09

Schematic of the existing ADSL/copper (green lines) network that serves us.

Schematic of the existing ADSL/copper (green lines ) that serves  us.

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