Light at the end of a tunnel?

IMG_2683Openreach have now returned (a few weeks later than scheduled) to complete the final parts of the fibre cable route.  This now means the gaps in the aerial route halfway down Salt Lane, and at Clockbarn Lane (see photo) are bridged by new fibre and that now connects the crossroads cabinet with the exchange. Likewise the cabinet at Hydon Heath is fibre connected too.  We understand the copper wiring has being patched into the cabinets and this lengthy process was completed on Friday.  Openreach have tested that there is “light” travelling down the fibre-optic cables at the cabinets.  We are nearly there.

There is a challenge ahead – the Pioneer migration from the old cabinets to the new is going to be tricky as ours is a very rare project. Normally residents who fund a cabinet will be moved onto a new secondary cabinet (eg. PCP26/1)- merely an extension of the original, distant cabinet(PCP26) .  Ours are different in that neither are connected to the old cabinets and have cabinet numbers in their own right (PCP21 and PCP 28).  This presents the ISPs with a potential problem in how they initiate the upgrade and physical swap of our service to the new cabinet, and whether their back-office systems recognise the new cab numbers associated with our lines.  Currently we are trying to establish a protocol with BT Group on how this is best achieved.

Once we have Pioneers tested and satisfied we will notify everyone else that it is safe to upgrade.

The layout of our new community network is now a little different.  You’ll see the schematic below that will show the copper network (green lines) coming from the exchange.  Those are the routes of your internet signals by the old ADSL broadband system – via cabinets in Milford or Busbridge.  Both those cabinets had been fibre enabled a year or so ago – the yellow lines from exchange to cabs.   Once you opt to upgrade to fibre your internet will come a different route – via our new fibre route in yellow that comes directly from the exchange via Busbridge, Home Farm Road, Clockbarn and Hydon Heath and to the crossroads (note Milford is no longer part of the route).  That connects to our two new cabinets 21 and 28 along the way. From there the new VDSL service will travel along the existing green cables via DPs (distribution points) to our homes. So the only the final leg is over copper.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.08.06

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