Update 24th March

Howard and I met with BT Group managers yesterday to hear their plans for the next phase of the process to get us onto fibre/VDSL services, via our ISPs.

We are confident that Openreach will be handling the migration from the old cabinets to the new ones as efficiently as possible, however there are some technical and back-office hurdles to cross. We also have to wait for a 2 week statutory notice period.   This is the time that they have to give ISPs to prepare for the possibility of a momentary interruption of the connection of our 12 VDSL customers when their fibre is switched over.  After that time, Openreach can then physically switch the fibre over and then the ISPs will start to update their systems to show the new cabinets as “ready for sale of fibre services”. The time ISPs take to do this is an unknown but it might be just a day or two.  Our Pioneers will then start to approach the ISPs to request an upgrade.  Once they are installed (3 -14 days ) we can test and when safe we will announce which communities can apply for upgrades with confidence all the bugs have been shaken out.  We have been given “best case” timescales by Openreach but as we have often seen, these are not always reliable. So on balance I would say that the remainder will be able to apply for upgrade towards the end of April.  We will keep everyone posted on progress and when to talk to their ISP.

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