Update 13th April

Openreach have hit a problem in their very complex IT systems that supports the fibre connections on their UK network.  They tell us they have recently discovered it and are working with their offshore contractors to resolve it.   It means they have slipped again and their schedule for us to go live is uncertain.  Once again we are having to press BT very senior management hard to escalate this, keep us in the loop, and to attempt to fast-track the subsequent stages of the process.  We will update once we have a revised schedule for delivery.

Update 3pm: We have been informed that the technical problem is now fixed and Openreach are clear to proceed with the next stages.  There is still admin and tech work to do (not without their own challenges), plus the prescribed ISP’s 14 day notice period, so maybe you can safely order your champagne but don’t put it in the fridge yet.


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