Update 22nd April: Phase One complete – VDSL service is live

Good news.  Today we passed a major milestone on our journey to the land of Superfast.    Openreach connected 14 of our residents to a fibre based service – that was successful and those 14 people are now enjoying truly superfast speeds, watching HD video and seeing the practical benefits of a proper broadband connection.  Both cabinets are working.  Please be aware that these 14 residents were only connected first because they were already on a basic VDSL/fibre service, and openreach needed to move those lines to the new cabinet before cutting off the fibre from the old cabinets. This must be done ahead of everyone else being allowed to upgrade through their ISPs.

The next step:   Openreach tell us they are in process of informing the ISPs about the new cabinets.  They have processes to follow, and a set order in which to do them. They won’t give us a timescale but we are pushing hard to fast track this and we are hopeful that it will be achieved in a few days.   Once ISPs have been informed and their systems are updated to show that they can sell upgrades to customers then we will start Phase 2.  Pioneers will be given a go-ahead to approach their ISPs and request an upgrade to fibre.  Once we have seen successful connections by Pioneers in each community we will go to Phase 3.

The GU8 Team are monitoring the Openreach progress and so rest assured as soon as we have confirmation everything is ready for you to upgrade we will be emailing you directly with instructions.Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 12.50.09

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