Upgrades progessing well

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 20.39.15The upgrades are going well with Pioneer residents reporting better than expected speeds. Some are achieving the maximum within the tariff caps they have chosen from their ISP’s products ( 19Mbps max, 38Mbps max, 54Mbps max or 79Mbps max).  Tests show the stability is good.  All residents in the project can now proceed and book their upgrade – just follow our guidance:

  1. Contact your ISP for upgrade to Fibre.  Pick the tariff that suits your needs – it could be the same cost as you are currently paying for ADSL.  However it is a competitive market and you can get significant discounts on the first year’s fees if you are out of contract or going up a tariff. Negotiate a deal as good as those offered to new customers.  Being “Out of contract” will also give you freedom to leave for a different ISP, so review the comparison sites. Threatening to leave also works wonders for your existing ISP’s attitude towards you.
  2. The cost for a basic speed (<17Mbps) package start at £16per month (inclusive of line rental) for 12 months reverting to around £24. Speedier tariffs may be more depending on the inclusive calls / speed / bonus features such as BT Sport, TV bundles. (Watch out – some deals only mention the line rental in small print – this fee can’t be discounted)
  3. Once an upgrade is booked they’ll give you a go-live date around 5 or 6 days hence. (edit: this is now 15 working days – Openreach are struggling)
  4. Ensure your home network is optimised. See our guidance on this site.  Your ISP will send you a new router, and ask you to install it only on the go-live date – it will be optimised for fibre use.
  5. When first connected please check your speed at www.speedtest.net and report back to the GU8 Superfast team.  Beware – some people have been disappointed initially because they tested on an inefficient setup. In one case the test was initially only 20Mbps on a Windows 10 laptop, over wifi, with the router connected to an extension.   However once the test was done at the master socket with an ethernet cable the speed recorded was 65Mbps.  If you similar then see our wifi guidance here.
  6. If you have any problems then please contact the GU8 Team – and don’t forget to tell us when you get connected and your speed!
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