What next?

If the void behind your desk or TV looks like this then maybe now is the time to think about rationalising your telephone, internet and TV network.  In the past few weeks the GU8 Team have been out troubleshooting the few households that have reported issues with broadband speeds – only 1% have been caused by Openreach network issues – the rest have been related to home network inefficiencies.  If you are getting speeds below what you were expecting, here are the top causes we have found:

  1. Don’t test on Wifi – that will give a lower than normal reading.
  2. Wifi range not sufficient to give speeds in distant parts of home.
  3. Too many redundant phone extensions still connected to the master socket.
  4. Phone extensions wired into external junction boxes.
  5. Sky TV boxes unnecessarily being connected by a phone cable.
  6. Phone cables running alongside mains electricity cables, or under carpets.
  7. Using an old router – the ISP will send a new Fibre enabled router.
  8. Master sockets that have not been upgraded to Mk3 twin socket NTE5

If you’d like advice on how to address any of these issues, then do contact the GU8 Team. If you would like to plan to improve WiFI in your home then have a read of these guidance notes.


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