BT Community Fibre Partnerships


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.05.57BT have a new department “as part of their Charter”  the BT Community Fibre Partnerships for delivering fibre to the hardest to reach communities.  I haven’t worked out what this site actually represents although it appears their strapline should be “If you’ve got the money we’ll happily to take it from you to extend our fibre network.” – listening to Kim Mears (below at 14:58:00) it appears it is just a place for private communities to contact Openreach to pay for their own cabinets, and BT provide a “Just-Giving” style sub-contracted website.  I’m open to be convinced this has any value to communities.

Below is a selected clip from The Culture Media and Sport Committee witnesses: Sean Williams, Group Director Strategy, Policy and Portfolio, BT Group, and Kim Mears, Managing Director Infrastructure Delivery, Openreach


I found this video illuminating and a good insight for those contemplating paying Openreach to extend the network to include their Have-not areas. At 15:40:00 they speak about providing everyone with 10Mbps without subsidy as long as regulators free them to charge at a commercially viable rate.

GU8 Superfast Community Project Team

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