Surrey CC superfast infill programme. Deadline 24th May

Surrey County Council under the banner of Superfast Surrey have just announced their resident consultation process to assess where they may spend more money to try and reduce the number of Surrey residents without access to Superfast speeds.  If you have insufficient broadband speed but are incorrectly categorised then you will miss out on future help in getting Superfast to you.

Surrey County Council selectively sent out emails to a few residents to try and explain:

Subject: Superfast Surrey State Aid Public Consultation

 We are writing to advise you of the dates for the Superfast Surrey Programme State Aid Public Consultation because you have previously contacted the Superfast Surrey Team regarding fibre broadband services in Surrey.
We have now received guidance from Broadband Delivery UK and are writing to advise you that the Superfast Surrey State Aid Public Consultation will last for one month commencing on 25 April 2016 (closing at 17:00 on 24 May 2016).
The State Aid Public Consultation document has been uploaded to the website –
It summarises the State Aid regulations and includes an overview of the responses that Surrey County Council has received from Service Providers relating to their current and future NGA infrastructure deployment plans.  
The document includes a map and a list of all Surrey postcodes with their proposed NGA designation together with details of how to respond should anyone not be content with our proposed white NGA areas.
It should be noted that in parallel to this public consultation, BDUK have advised that SCC must also seek an explanation and evidence from service providers explaining changes to their commercial deployment plans for Surrey that were announced in 2012.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Surrey NGA Intervention Area will be determined following analysis of responses to the State Aid Public Consultation and submission to BDUK. It should be noted that even if areas are cleared by BDUK as NGA white, any decisions as to whether they will benefit from any publicly funded deployment will not be made until later this year when BT’s deployment modelling has been assessed, and the opportunity and extent of value for money deployment that can be fully funded by Superfast Surrey has been determined.
Kind Regards,
The Superfast Surrey Team

Here is Surrey CC’s map – it is next to useless in that it has no legend, no landmarks, and no way of identifying any postcodes or homes.

Their huge spreadsheet is also confusing and unwieldy:  SurreyCC postcode list    So we have filtered their spreadsheet (to just GU8 postcodes) and we have categorised it into 3 lists to make it easier for residents to identify which of three groups they are in.  Check the 3 lists to identify which group you are in and then act accordingly. We have also created our own maps to properly show the White and Targeted White postcodes.

List and map of White postcodes.

List and map of Targeted White postcodes.

List of Grey postcodes.

What the colour designations mean for you:

White:   Surrey CC state: Postcodes where NGA (Next Generation Access) infrastructure is available with download speeds of between 15 and 30mbps

“Targeted” White:  Surrey CC state:   Postcode where no NGA infrastructure is available or where NGA infrastructure is available but download speeds are less than 15mbps.

Important note:  We are seeking clarification on this statement as it appears to mislead.  Nearly all of Surrey DOES have NGA infrastructure but the key factor is that long lines mean this infrastucture is of no practical benefit as superfast doesn’t work over long lines. So the second part of Surrey’s statement is the key. Effectively they will only consider you eligible if you have speeds less than 15Mbps.  If you are NOT on this list AND can not get above 15Mbps then you should contact Superfast Surrey and asked to inform them that your categorisation is incorrect. You must act swiftly and contact Superfast Surrey before their consultation deadline 24th May 2016.  Unless they hear from you then you will be regarded as not eligible for future intervention to get Superfast infrastructure to you.

Grey:      Surrey CC state:  Postcodes where NGA infrastructure is available with download speeds of 30mbps or above

Surrey CC state:   Surrey County Council is requesting information and supporting evidence in relation to any Next Generation Access (NGA) white areas within Surrey that are not already identified within the proposed NGA intervention area at Annex [A].    Any information provided in response to this State Aid public consultation should include, but need not be limited to: 1. The address of the property or area that the submission relates to 2. An e-mail address to enable Surrey County Council to clarify or request additional information relating to the submission if required.

Please send your response to arrive no later than 17:00 on 24 May 2016 to:

Via email to (with the subject line “Superfast Surrey Public Consultation Response”).

Or by post to: Superfast Surrey Broadband Programme Public Consultation Response Surrey County Council A306, County Hall, Penrhyn Road SCC  Kingston-Upon-Thames Surrey KT1 2DN