Future impact of increased demand

200 homes at Milford Golf Course +16%

The planning approved outline permission for 200 houses to be built at Milford Golf Course will have a severe impact on Station Lane. Traffic Studies project an extra 831 vehicle movements to and from the new housing estate. That will add 16% to the total number of vehicles using Station Lane.

Closure of Cranleigh Recycling Centre +7%

The proposed closure of Cranleigh Recycling Centre will create 7% more traffic onto Station Lane. Currently 1400 Cranleigh residents visit their tip per week. The alternative 15 mile round trip to Witley will add a million extra miles over the period of a year. 1400 extra trips adds 2800 vehicle movements onto Markwick Lane and Station Lane. Link to Surrey CC Report

Development of 3500 homes in Cranleigh, Alfold and Dunsfold +66%

Of the 3500 homes it is very conservative assumption that there are 4800 employed residents. 88% (as in the well established Camborne case study) will need to commute to employment (4224 vehicles). Few are multiple occupation vehicles


40% (1690) go West to get to mainline stations or A3 via Markwick Lane,

30% (1267) go North to Guildford via A281,

30% (1267) East to Cranleigh or South to Horsham.

The direct route West to the A3 or Milford station for those 3380 cars per day is via Markwick Lane and Station Lane.    Markwick Lane is currently 2700vpd so that 3380 increase represents 125% to 6080vpd.

When applied to Station Lane with a current flow of 5100vpd that extra 3380 vehicles is an increase of 66% to 8480vpd.