Surrey CC Local Committee meeting 22nd March 2019

Here is the Surrey Highways Officer’s response to the petition. This was written before the Highways officer was to see our Traffic Survey Data for Station Lane in 2019 and Salt Lane in 2019. Likewise he had not seen the video and photographic evidence at time of writing.

Note he does not address the issue of traffic volume on this route, nor any mention of the Station Lane data nor impact of Milford Golf Course proposals nor the possible closure of Cranleigh CRC.

Notably he continues to assert that HGV traffic is probably local, and therefore permissible. He also suggests that the impact of 7.5t restrictions would be ineffective as it could not be enforced by Police. This ignores the key difference between advisory and restriction signs – advisory have little deterrent as they can be ignored by HGVs by declaring, if questioned, that the journey is local. Restrictions are a much greater deterrent as they will appear on SatNavs and will be logged by a driver’s employer as a contravention of road traffic regulations . It is to be noted that current advisory signs are also not enforced so “lack of enforcement” should not be used as a reason to do nothing.

The Local Committee Meeting webstream can be viewed by clicking this link.